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Belvedere Holiday Club - Witness the beautiful view at the foot of the glorious Pirin mountain. Five minutes walking to the Gondola. Guaranteed Rental. Serviced holiday apartments for rent in Varna and resorts

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BGP Services Ltd offers complete servicing and guarantees protection of its clients’ interests. The company provides professional assistance in all aspects from the beginning to the completion of the purchase procedure in order to facilitate its clients to adapt to a completely new environment. BGP works in partnership with some of the best professionals in the sphere among which is East Management and aims to provide quality services.

All clients interested to rent out their apartments can take advantage of services offered by East Management. The marketing department of East Management organizes large advertizing campaigns aiming to attract more tourists to stay in the rented apartments. The company uses modern technologies, including international exhibitions, commercial visits and web marketing through leading portals and reservation systems in Bulgaria. You can receive more information about the management and the rental of properties directly from East Management Ltd, by contacting them via telephone or email. The standard packages include fixed prices per night for short-term rental.

Long-term rental is subject to additional agreement signed between the tenant and the owner of the premise. The experience of the company shows that short-term rental brings more profit. The rental income from most of the apartments is 5% for the first year and about 8-10 % for the second and more years.